This page lists the project members, history of the project and legal information. Forms to apply for membership or the project bylaws can be found on the Resources page; an overview of eFMI and the project organization can be found on the Introduction page. The topics covered in the following are:

MAP eFMI members

Development of the eFMI Standard is organised as a Modelica Association Project (MAP) under the roof of the Modelica Association. The MAP eFMI has no private individuals as members; only organizations can be a member. The focus of the project is on industrial application of eFMI technology; all members must either actively develop eFMI tooling, use eFMI in industrial projects or consult industrial application.

The project leader and deputy project leader are (contact via or individual e-mail):

The members of MAP eFMI, in alphabetic order, are:

Project history

The eFMI technology and standardization have been developed in the ITEA 3 Call 2 research project EMPHYSIS, which won the ITEA Award of Excellence Special Vice-chairman’s award 2021. The EMPHYSIS project run from September 2017 until February 2021, consisted of 26 partners from 5 countries, contributing 106 person years budgeted at 13.7 Million €. The final outcome of the project have been the eFMI Standard 1.0.0-alpha.4 specification, 11 industrial use cases, 22 Modelica example use-cases with ~40 real time simulation configurations and 13 tool prototypes supporting eFMI, including support in established physics modeling and embedded code generation and analysis tools like Simcenter Amesim (Siemens Digital Industries Software), Dymola (Dassault Systèmes), OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit (Modelon AB), SimulationX (ESI Group), SCODE-CONGRA (ETAS GmbH), AUTOSAR Builder (Dassault Systèmes), TargetLink (dSPACE GmbH), Astrée (AbsInt GmbH), TPT (PikeTec GmbH) and Software Production Engineering (former name CATIA ESP) (Dassault Systèmes).

A good summary of the outcome is given in the public ITEA 3 EMPHYSIS industrial demonstrator report. In the end, EMPHYSIS won the ITEA Award of Excellence 2021, honored with a Special Vice-chairman award title for being one of the highest scored ITEA projects to date:


The results of the EMPHYSIS project have been transferred to the in 2021 founded Modelica Association Project Functional Mock-up Interface for embedded systems (MAP eFMI), to prepare them for open access standardization and publication and the organization of a volunteer community promoting and developing eFMI. Eleven of the original EMPHYSIS project partners immediately joined MAP eFMI, demonstrating their strong believe and commitment in the eFMI technology.

All material published by MAP eFMI, including the eFMI Standard and this webpage, is copyrighted by the Modelica Association:


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Software published by MAP eFMI – e.g., the XML Schema Definitions (XSD) used in the eFMI Standard, the eFMI Container Manager or the eFMI crosscheck test cases – is licensed under the 3-Clause BSD License.

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