New EMPHYSIS and eFMI® Success story article in the ITEA Magazine (Issue 47, March 2024) Functional Mock-up Interface for embedded systems (eFMI®)

The open standard for model-driven development of advanced control functions for safety-critical and real-time targets.

The eFMI® Standard for cyber-physical systems integrates the physics design models of systems with their electronic controls development in a seamless way, enabling fast and high-quality innovation.

The eFMI® Standard is an open standard for the stepwise, model-transformation-based development of advanced control functions suited for safety-critical and real time targets. Its container architecture defines the common ground for collaboration among the stake-holders and toolchains along the various abstraction levels from high-level modeling and simulation – e.g., a-causal, equation-based physics in Modelica – down to actual embedded code. The model representations it defines are interlinked for traceability and semi-automatic code generation and do not only capture functional, but also non-functional quality requirements like coding standards, static memory allocation, worst time execution, and documentation, enabling credible development within a standardized workspace.